cube melon games

indie game developer

Hi, indie game developer

I make games, tools, and 3d models.


Four wheels game

if you love challenges,puzzle and cars, this game is for you, move the vehicle overcome obstacles, challenge yourself to finish line, experience nice fun levels, from easy to hard,but be careful to become addictive.

auto road creator v3.0

An easy,time-saver tool to create (3d low poly roads)for your game.All you have to do is open the map creator tool, draw on the grid to create a map of roads to use in your game.

low poly city builder

An easy to use tool to create a low poly game City.Create (simple to complex) compound,Suitable for Low end devices.

low poly city builder

a 3d platformer game on mini islands


multiple 3d models published on sketchfab


lots and lots of unfinished projects